With over 50 years experience in the motor trade we have seen most kind of motorist..

What we do see an increasing amount of is those who choose not to regularly service their vehicle, what we consider here is whether this type of vehicle ownership is a good way of saving money or a false economy???

We believe that regular servicing, in line with your manufacturers guidelines, is an absolute necessity for a number of reasons.

  1. SAFETY – Regular servicing will aide in identifying potential problems before they become real problems! Potentially saving you a lot of money and hassle. Deterioration happens as the miles clock up and cant always be seen but with our extensive service checklists and vehicle health checks we can identify wear and tear.
  2. SAVING MONEY –  Failing to service your vehicle is simply a false economy! Engine oil is needed to lubricate the inside of your engine and keep all the crucial parts moving freely. If it is not changed regularly it can deteriorate and could potentially cause your engine to seize resulting in a bill for thousands of pounds.
  3.  VEHICLE LIFE SPAN It is proven that regular servicing increases the life span of your vehicle, and when done according to the manufacturers guidelines will affect the residual value of your vehicle.
  4. WARRANTY – All vehicle warranties, including ones sold by the RAC and many vehicle sales outlets will be subject to regular servicing clauses, don’t get caught out!

You can trust us at TRS to take care of your vehicles servicing requirements…

  • We maintain any vehicle regardless of size, age or type
  • We always carry out a free vehicle health check as part of your service
  • We are a Good Garage Scheme Centre and we include a Forte fuel and engine treatment in your service as standard at NO EXTRA COST, unlike many of our competitors who charge an additional premium for this.
  • As a Mobil 1 Service Centre we only supply the very best grades and qualities of lubricants at a super competitive price
  • We will only replace what needs replacing at time of service making it cost effective for you, our customer.
  • Combine your interim service with an MOT for a great discount OR combine your full service with an MOT and the MOT will be absolutely FREE!!!!
  • FREE courtesy cars are also available!

Taking into consideration the points above we truly believe that servicing is key to safe, low cost motoring, give us a call on 0115 9 44 28 29 or book online to let us take care of your vehicle.

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